After losing her husband to cancer, Camille Prats moves on.

Less than four years after she got married, Camille Prats lost her husband to nasopharyngeal carcinoma or throat cancer. Now, she might be far from overcoming her grief, but at least, she’s moving on.

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From Slum to Stardom: The Inspiring Story of Roseanne Magan

Roseanne’s dream of becoming a professional singer is fuelled not as much by her personal ambition as her desire to uplift the quality of life of her family. Learn how her sister’s P100 savings helped launch her TV career.

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The “road” Yam travelled

Internationally-acclaimed horror film director Yam Laranas talks about his latest film “The Road” and its upcoming international release.

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Idolatry: Are Catholics guilty of it?

Many Catholic traditions are repeated year after year for centuries now to constantly remind Catholics of the story of their salvation through Jesus Christ. Unfortunately, every time these are done, the old question of whether the use of images/statues and other symbolism in Catholic ceremonies constitute idolatry is brought to light. Are Catholics really idolaters?


Mel Tiangco: The Heart of ‘Serbisyong Totoo’

When the then struggling radio announcer Mel Tiangco learned about the plight of a community of Mangyans in Oriental Mindoro, she knew she had a job to do.  What she did not know was that it would change the way she viewed the world. It’s already four in the afternoon but the phones inside the […]


A Guide for MRT Virgins

The Manila Metro Rail Transit (MRT) system is one of three light rail systems transporting hundreds of thousands of passengers in and around Metro Manila every day.  It spans the entire stretch of Epifanio delos Santos Avenue (EDSA) and passes through six cities namely, Quezon City, San Juan, Mandaluyong, Pasig, Makati and Pasay.


A First-Time Flyer’s Guide to Airport Terminals

Just several years ago, most PromDis like me preferred to travel to and from Manila by sea. This was because back then it was a lot cheaper. But thanks to the emergence of new players in the local airline industry, travelling by plane has become more affordable for most Filipinos. The series of sea mishaps […]


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